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  • Pretoria, South Africa

Natalie (Model)

I am more than just a pretty face; I'm your go-to promotional model for elegance and charm. With every step I take and every smile I share, I bring a touch of grace to every event I attend. My journey in the world of modeling has been a thrilling adventure filled with unforgettable moments. From corporate gatherings to dazzling fashion showcases, I've had the privilege to grace them all with my radiant presence. My commitment to professionalism is unwavering, and my passion for excellence drives me in every project I undertake. I believe in creating experiences that leave a lasting impression. Choose to have me by your side, and together, we'll make every event an extraordinary one.









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Model Main Services

Feel free to contact my agent for any modeling service you may require; my primary services:

Corporate Events

Add sophistication and allure to your corporate events. My presence contributes to the ambiance, leaving a lasting impression on your attendees and enhancing the overall professionalism of the event.

Golf Day Events

Infuse elegance into your golf day events with my charming presence. I enhance the atmosphere, making your event a memorable experience for participants while aligning with the upscale nature of golf events.

Racing & Pit Girl Events

Ignite the excitement of racing and pit girl events with my charismatic presence. I add energy and enthusiasm, enhancing the overall spectacle of the event and captivating both participants and spectators.

Shooter Girls

Take your shooter girl events to the next level with my vibrant personality. My dynamic presence enhances the engaging atmosphere, creating an unforgettable experience for attendees and enhancing your event's impact.

Video Shoots

Collaborate with me to create compelling video content that resonates with your audience. My engaging presence adds depth and relatability to your messages, helping you deliver your narrative effectively.

Automotive Shows

Showcase your vehicles with the utmost flair and precision. I bring an aura of sophistication and expertise to automotive shows, ensuring your brand leaves a lasting impression on attendees. From product launches to interactive demonstrations, I'm your key to success.

Charity Events

Give back with a touch of elegance and compassion. At charity events, I bring a blend of warmth and professionalism, enhancing your fundraising efforts. Join me in making a positive difference in our community.

Fashion Editorials

Dive into the world of fashion and creativity. I collaborate seamlessly with photographers, designers, and stylists to bring your fashion editorials to life. Let's capture the essence of style and artistry together.

Fitness Events

Get moving and inspire wellness with my energetic presence. I add vitality to fitness events, motivating participants to achieve their health goals. Let's sweat, smile, and transform lives together.

Health & Wellness Campaigns

Promote well-being and vitality with my dedicated support. I'm passionate about health and wellness, making me the ideal advocate for your campaigns. Let's inspire a healthier world together.


Welcome guests with grace and warmth. As a hostess, I create a welcoming and engaging atmosphere at your events, ensuring everyone feels valued and appreciated. Let's extend a warm invitation together.

Influencer Collaboration

Amplify your brand's reach and impact through collaboration. I'm experienced in influencer marketing, ready to partner with you to reach a broader and engaged audience. Let's influence and inspire together.

Music Videos

Transform music into visuals with creativity and passion. I'm your partner in music video production, adding depth and charisma to every frame. Let's bring your musical vision to life.

Nightclub Promotions

Create a buzzing nightlife experience with my dynamic presence. I elevate nightclub promotions, drawing in crowds and adding energy to the atmosphere. Let's make your nightclub the place to be.

Product Launches

Unveil your products with style and impact. I specialize in product launches, ensuring your brand is presented with elegance and flair. Let's launch your product to the world with enthusiasm.

Sports Events

Bring the spirit of sports to life with enthusiasm and energy. I enhance the excitement of sports events, engaging with fans and creating a memorable experience. Let's cheer for victory together.

Tech Events

Explore the world of technology with innovation and expertise. I specialize in tech events, delivering insightful presentations and fostering tech conversations. Let's embrace the future of technology together.

Themed Parties

Immerse in themed party adventures with creativity and style. I'm your partner in themed parties, helping you bring your vision to life with meticulous attention to detail. Let's create themed magic together.

Trade Exhibition Shows

Showcase your products and innovations to the world. I excel in trade exhibitions, engaging with visitors and making your booth a standout success. Let's attract potential clients and partners together.

VIP Parties

Elevate VIP parties to the epitome of luxury and exclusivity. I bring sophistication and charm, ensuring your VIP event is unforgettable. Let's create an atmosphere of opulence and prestige together.